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What data can I import into and export from QuickBooks Online?

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QuickBooks Online (QBO) can import/export the following data. Click the link below for more information on how to import that data.

You can import from Excel or a .CSV file. We currently do not support .IIF files.

Important! At this time, QuickBooks Online does not have the ability to import data from the Intuit QuickBooks desktop version and vice versa or other international versions of QuickBooks Online. If this feature is important to you, we encourage you to send us that feedback using the Feedback feature within QuickBooks Online. We are constantly reviewing this feedback to help identify ways we can improve your product!

Also, you might try searching for import/export solutions offered on our Solutions Marketplace website. There may not be any solutions available at the moment, but keep checking back. Solutions get added all the time. Please note that these solutions are built by third parties; NOT Intuit.

Outside of the methods listed above and the third-party applications on our Solutions Marketplace, we do not import or export information to/from any type of file format. This includes file formats that integrate with other Intuit products.

Note: Intuit cannot provide customer or technical support for third-party products. You will need to contact the third-party company who developed the software application for technical and sales support.

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